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Fiction Ratings V2.0
« on: April 30, 2014, 02:05:36 PM »
Soo the last one is outdated by nearly four years. With Kii approval, these are the new fiction ratings for the forums. If you're interested, I based this off the Australian Classification Categories.

G / PG (Does not need to be tagged in title)
Contains content suitable for everyone:
-Small amounts of violence and strictly no sexual references and nudity or drug use.
-Minor use of vulgar language.

M (Must be tagged in title)
Contains content that is similar to the books:
-Violence of the non-descriptive kind.
-Minor sexual references and nudity and strictly no drug use.
-Minor use of vulgar language.

MA 15+ (Must be tagged in the title and approved by staff)
Contains mature themes:
-Violence of the descriptive kind.
-Sexual references and nudity.
-Minor non-descriptive drug use.
-Common use of vulgar language.

R 18+ and above (Strictly banned)
Contains things that are illegal for minors to view:
-Sexually explicit scenes.
-Heavy drug use.
-Intense swearing and racial slurs to an extreme degree.
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Re: Fiction Ratings V2.0
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