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The Mediterranean Sanctuary
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The Mediterranean Sanctuary

-Sanctuary Officials-
Grand Mage: Jason Stavros
Elder: Helena Karga.
Elder: Alfredo Guerra.

Administrator: Anubis Shrike
Prime Detective: Jeyne Gale.
Head Gaoler: - OPEN -
Head of the Science-Magic Department: Lazzaro D'Angelo.
Adviser: Maxim Blaze
Cleaver General: - OPEN -

-The Council of the Elders-
Each Sanctuary is lead by a trio of mages, two Elders and the Grand Mage. Their command over their Sanctuary is generally absolute. Though the process for electing the Council of Elders is relatively simple, merely being a vote, every Elder tends to be a skilled user of their chosen magic discipline.

-Jobs and Missions-
One of the more important aspects of the Sanctuaries is the jobs they offer, employing large groups of sorcerers and occasionally hiring Freelances for miscellaneous missions. Though the missions can be anything from escorting another sorcerer (Due to either a lack of Cleavers, or the need to remain inconspicuous), to fetching an object or mage, or even attacking a target, there is generally a few missions available to Freelances at all times.

-The Repository-
The Repository is the Sanctuary’s store of magical artifacts and items, and though it is rare, these artifacts are occasionally loaned out to trusted individuals. Their locations however, are strictly recorded, the Sanctuary officials in charge of them making sure they know who has each artifact and what they are using them for at any given time. Often, it is just a researcher interested in finding out what these artifacts can do, but occasionally someone who knows their properties attempts to utilize their power. Access to the repository is strictly controlled by the head of the department. Two Cleavers guard the doors at all time.

-The Gaol-
The Gaol and the Holding Cells are where the criminals of the Magical World are imprisoned, with the Holding Cells being used for either petty criminals, or for criminals awaiting judgment, and the Gaol itself containing the worst of the worst. Within the Holding Cells, there is usually a Cleaver or two keeping guard, with the occasional official to keep an eye on things, while the entrance to the Gaol is closely guarded by several Cleavers, with both the room, and the cells, layered with binding spells. Anyone within the Holding Cells may still appeal against their sentence, but once within the Gaol itself, the only option it to wait out their sentence or be freed by another individual.

 Cleavers are the main foot soldiers of the Sanctuary, working as soldiers, law enforcers and also guards. They are all clad in the same uniform, gray coats with a visored helmet, and a scythe, all of which is able to resist magic. Though they have no distinctly magical abilities, such as elemental skills, they do have some magic, which is used to augment their physical capabilities. This enhancement, combined with their already potent physical prowess, allows them to excel in physical combat, making them deadly in close quarters. They all have an unyielding obedience to the Elders, completing any task assigned to them, no matter the personal cost. Although it is rare for them to interact with others, Cleavers can speak if required.

The Mediterranean Sanctuary itself lies on the island of Malta, south of Sicily.
The Malta Sanctuary has two primary purposes, they administrate the outposts dotted around Mediterranean countries, and to collect and preserve ancient artefacts.
The Sanctuary is located in the middle of Malta, in the guise of a small town overlooking the west coast. There is only one road up to the town, and there is a guard outpost three hundred meters down said road to turn away any unwanted visitors. An assistant administrator runs this, and two Cleavers at all times and the administrator can call in reinforcements at any time.
In the centre of the town is a large complex that acts as the main Sanctuary building. In the centre of this complex is a large, circular structure where the Elders hold office. The building is white, and has columns around the outside of the two floors. The Elders throne is in the centre, under a glass dome skylight in a room that extends upwards for three floors, there are balconies lining the room. Around the central room, with the exception of the first floor, are offices of critical personnel. Under this building is the situation room, which connects to a subterranean tunnel network.
Around this central building is a network of connected buildings surrounded by a two meter wall. The gate is guarded by two Cleavers at all times and the Administrators office is in a nearby building.
The Science-Magic department is located in the north section of the complex; the repository is in this section, as well as the underground rooms where the more valuable objects are held. Jeyne Gale's servers are also in this complex, down a side corridor.
The Gaol is located on a tiny island near just off the Malta coast, to the south. The island is invisible to any outside observer, and vessels are known to sail right through it without being aware that it is there. The only way to get to the island is to step into an altar in an old cave, which takes you to the island. This magic was there before the Sanctuary. The gaol proper is a subterranean structure in the island, which from above is a barren rock.


Malta was selected as the location for the Sanctuary in 1883, due to its central location, the isolation of the island, and that many of the old structures had magic origins.
The Sanctuary was temporarily located in the capital city of Valetta, while the Sanctuary was being built. They finished the Sanctuary around the turn of the century, and relocated themselves to the town, which was called Santwarju (sane-tewar-jew), meaning sanctuary in Maltese.
In the late sixties, the (then) Grand Mage Maxim Odyssey was killed when a piece of magic he was working on went wrong and he was caught in the blast, after this, Jason Stavros was voted in as Grand Mage above the two current Elders.

Outpost locations: the
-   Rome. Madrid. Gibraltar. Istanbul. Athens. Venice.
Each outpost has between twenty and fifty employees in it, and a squad or two of Cleavers, and is run by an administrator. Each outpost has holding cells, and a small repository.

Jurisdiction: Malta, Italy, Grece, Spain, Turkey, Portugal, Cyprus,
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Re: The Mediterranean Sanctuary
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The island was shrouded in rain. Not a heavy rain, but a light rain that had lasted nigh on two days and nights now.
Concerning? No. Not until a sensitive detected something malevolent inside the clouds. Every day for the last few years Jason Stavros has waited for them to return in force. They were lucky. The Maltese Sanctuary remained mostly unharmed from the attacks of the Dark Sorcerers.
"You're late leaving." Jason turned his head towards his fellow Elder, Alfredo Guerra. He was immensely tall, and immensely powerful. The most powerful mage in the world? No. But he would be up there somewhere, and Jason was glad to have him as an ally.
"I had work to do." Guerra said bluntly. The rain surrounded them as they stood in one of the Sanctuaries many courtyards.
"No news to report?" Jason hoped there wasn't.
"One of the prisoners escaped on the way during transfer."
"Which one?"
"Douglas Herschel, I believe his name was. He has a brother in London, Jeyne thinks that's where he will go."
"I see." Jason backed up under the roof to get out of the rain, Guerra followed. "Send word to London, I want someone to get to the brother before Douglas."
"I'll see to it." And with that Guerra was off, his long legs taking back to his office at speed.
Advocado toast is ruining the economy