Author Topic: The Game of Cat and Mouse Begins (DOCKY, FLINT, GID, AND MAYBE ASTA)  (Read 830 times)


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Re: The Game of Cat and Mouse Begins (DOCKY, FLINT, GID, AND MAYBE ASTA)
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 The Technomancer expressed her doubt at Rico being important enough for Crayne to actively want him dead with a raised brow. Whoever this Ortez woman was, the spat between her and Rico seemed to be purely between her and Rico. Although, in the footage that Aria had... she lifted her arm and her computer screen flickered to life, allowing her to rewatch the footage of Ortez walking out - skulking behind Aranea.
 "The woman hates the Sanctuary; won't step foot here unless she has important business," It was said more to herself than to Rico; Aria found that it was easier to work things out when she orated her thoughts. "And you can't see her empathing - I've seen her weaponise that nasty magic on the Network, the way she makes people shrink away... but they don't look friendly... if she works for C.C..."
 She couldn't suppress it; a nasty shudder forced its way down her spine at the prospect of running awry of that group. Aria wouldn't call herself a racist, or xenophobe - far from it! - but even she had noticed the vast amount of Crayne employees tended to have some form of affliction. That, and the weird way they smiled, it made it look like they were sizing you up for dinner, not having a conversation.

 "Either way," Her tone turned haughty. "There's no proof, so that avenue is useless... a bone-breaker--" Her eyes suddenly lit up. "Weaponised tech?!"
 Aria took a step forward, her mind reeling with possibilities. Weaponised tech! The number of things you could do to an arm! Aria wasn't one to make cybernetics so violent herself; everyone already had a nasty view on people with cybernetics. Some stupid old fashioned views that science and magic shouldn't blend the way they did.
 "You'd think-- damn! That's--" Realising that Rico probably was giving her an absolutely exasperated glare at this point, Aria bit back her grin - and her questions - and merely took a moment to process this.
 Damn, this scary vampire lady was infinitely cooler with that mental image. Oh, it was probably strong! Maybe claws, or a fishing gun arm!
 Awkwardly, Aria cleared her throat.

 She immediately deflated upon realising that Siobhan was apparently out of the question. Though she didn't like this - it wasn't fond - defensive? Whatever tone Rico had about that, she'd need to set things right--
 "Siobhan Donovan is a mass murderer, Rico," Her eyes were narrowed. "She served gaol-time for her murderers during the War - and it wasn't, like, fighting in the war. Just genuine bloodlust and - if you heard the stuff she did to her victims -- triple digits! In a small country like Ireland! This is probably not scary to her like you think but," She sighed. "She wouldn't do anything legal. That woman's hatred for the Sanctuary is so sad, she could be really useful... but I more meant, she's run into a lot of monster hunters, and she's old as balls so she probably knows a few mages that could deal with a situation and don't... have... uh, a moral... problem with it."
 She wrung her fingers together, realising she was actively condoning some highly illegal actions. "But this is all moot, anyway. If this woman works for Crayne, there is absolutely nothing we can do. I bet if she is, they probably have like a billion ways of making her impossible to connect with them -- but they operate... pretty clandestinely... so I can't imagine they are remotely happy with such a... public way of doing things..."
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Re: The Game of Cat and Mouse Begins (DOCKY, FLINT, GID, AND MAYBE ASTA)
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Aria seemed to be as doubtful of the second option as Rico was, and her reaction caused him to metaphorically take a step back and have another think with his frown casting away. If it was merely a personal matter, why had it taken Ximena so long to get her arse into gear? And, why so much heat now, of all times?  Silas may not want him dead, but there was certainly an ulterior drive.

 The computer monitor coming to life had the man bring his attention back, though his movements were slow as his joints were starting to cease after such exertions. Aria's spoken musings weren't overlooked either - so that's who bounced the dog of female orientation. Voluntas herself had graced the sanctuary, though Rico hadn't had a chance to see what she astually looked like.  He hadn't had a moments peace. But as Aria was saying, she hated the sanctuary, so there couldn't be any other possible reason for her to be here other than to obviously collect her staff.
"She has to work for them.  I've never seen her tail between her legs like that around anyone-" Rico paused, and slowly formed a frown as profiles and news articles were brought into his vision.  The visual spam brought on by his want to learn more about this influential figure.  Voluntas Aranea had quite the political standing within the business of Crayne Consolidated. She was definitely not someone Rico wanted to cross paths with, not on unfriendly terms, if he could help it.
"Another Vampire," the grumble Rico couldn't bite back and quickly had him rethinking how attractive the woman was, "just my luck. Hm?" The newest outburst he was distracted with was in regards to the tech the merc had mentioned.  This was quickly issued with a shake of his head with his frown still in place.  The tech wasn't their priority right now, but Rico should've known better than to mention it at this point.  Aria seemed to get the message without Rico needing to utter a word.  She promptly continued on with their other option of asking Siobhan-
"I don't doubt that-" though his following cough wouldn't help in delivering his case of believing Siobhan's history there, "but Siobhan looked happier with her drama re-runs than leaving her place in a hurry. However," Aria's slight unease with all this illegal conspiring didn't go amiss. She wasn't willing to condone such acts of crime, that was clear, but since she'd opened the opportunity- "if you're prepared to turn the other cheek, we could- I could- no... yeah, you're right. If Ximena is working with Aranea and Crayne, that's a big if, we could dodge confronting Ortez again and go straight to the top. We don't have to play it their way.  How can we, or I, get into Crayne Consolidated?"  Rico wasn't planning on going in guns blazing, he could be a rational bloke. sometimes.
"What if I could have a chat with the," he had to cough again; it'd only been a small left he'd chewed on, but it was enough of a cough to stop him from finishing his sentence.
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