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Harper Wilson | Selene Blithe
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Name and Occupation
- Taken Name: Selene Blithe
- Pronunciation of the Name: Sea-lean BLY-th
- Name Etymology: After a meeting with Radar Short-round, and being taught the significance of a taken name, she picked the name Selene for the significance of the moon goddess to Rhys' idea of her in his head, and Blithe as -- well, she is quite blithe.
- Given Name: Harper Wilson.
- Pronunciation of the Name: HARP-err WILL-son
- Character Job: Harper is a student at the University of Canterbury, currently studying Criminal Justice. She also works as a part-time assistant for the local paper, usually coffee-runs and such.
- Qualifications: Apart from her qualifications in Judo and Kickboxing, Harper is currently getting a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice and has all of the qualifications leading up to University. Her highest subjects were; Law, Physical Education, History, and Literature.
- Titles: Ms, Miss. She has also been called “Harp” or “Harps” by her friends, though this is more of a nickname than a title.

Character Mentality
- Character Personality: The best word to describe Harper at times may be “overwhelming”. She is an extremely friendly, bubbly individual. She always has something to say about everything, and rarely ever is rendered speechless. An absolute tease; Harper loves to push the boundaries of what people can handle, and will always test the waters of new relationships. She loves to know what makes people tick, and loves to shove her nose where it isn’t always welcome. No offence is usually meant by this, but there’s only so far that harmless curiosity can be considered harmless.
 Harper can act quite spoiled at times; she likes to get her way, and can be prone to periods of sulking whenever she doesn’t. She is used to her sheer motivation and power of will always getting her through that she often will not even contemplate the possibility of failure, and when it has let her down will become sullen and broody, to the point that she can be downright horrid to talk to and feels the need to point out the flaws in the individuals around her to make herself feel better.
 It is in this regard that she has a rather cruel streak. While she generally is of the opinion that she wants everyone to succeed in what they endeavour to do, there is some amount of schadenfreude to be felt within the failures of others - and in there failures, there is an opportunity for her to succeed where they had not.

 She can be an incredibly vain individual, trusting her instincts over facts that people state to her. Harper does not like to entertain the idea that she can ever be wrong. She believes her principles and beliefs must always be the correct ones, and those who think differently must always be wrong. Harper lacks a certain level of self-awareness of her own hypocrisy and her own selfishness, but it is such a cheerful selfishness that encourages the same facet of cheerful selfishness in others that makes it hard to not have a good time with her.
 Her encouragement of borderline toxic, “live like it’s your last” behaviour in others is an aspect of hers that gets her into quite a bit of trouble, but Harper believes so strongly in being the creator of your own story that she almost relishes in this fact, she loves to meddle and see exactly how her manner of interfering plays out.
 This girl wishes to do what she wants, when she wants, and she will hear nothing to deny her, but she will always hold others accountable for their actions and always have a high standard for how she believes people will act. Her acts of teenage rebellion are harmless in her eyes, even when they skirt the wrong side of the law too often, but unless it has been prior encouraged by her or she had any part in it, she very strongly believes in the justice system and that this justice should be brought to lawbreakers.

 She is an incredibly aware and perceptive person, usually aware of the smallest of shifts in people’s behaviour and appearance and able to gauge their thoughts and feelings on a subject fairly easily, though she often does not take heed of this ability - if she’s having fun, she wants to believe that everyone around her is having exactly the same amount of fun, leading to a very wilful ignorance of people’s emotional states just for her own pleasure.
 Harper cannot sit still for too long. She always wants to be around people, and can usually be found wherever there is the largest crowd, at parties and concerts. She will go out for hours on end, and strain herself into a burnout to the point that she has to rest. Harper has been known to double (or triple) book herself, and will almost always have a busy schedule.
 Despite her incredibly selfish nature, there will always be people that Harper is incredibly protective of and would go to great lengths to keep safe. This is partly of a selfish cause as well, as she requires a “rock” - a steady and grounded person - that she feels she can rely on in order to function well. Though she isn’t completely selfish; she has a genuine care for people, but being so constantly aware and sensitive to everyone’s states has her in a constant state of distress. Without her carefree and reckless nature, Harper does not honestly believe that she would be able to get out of bed each day.

 She is not always so boisterous, however, she is very aware of the “time and place” rule. Many times Harper can be incredibly subdued, and it is times like this that her manipulative side can shine through.
 Having fooled herself into believing that she is working in people’s best interest, Harper is able to turn the worst ideas on their heads in order to make them sound like the best ones -- and she does this frequently, thinking that everyone needs to care more for themselves and less for others sometimes, and that any repercussions that come from bad behaviour can merely be avoided, or shrugged off. She genuinely believes that all problems are temporary, and can be completely avoided or ignored if you have enough willpower to do so.
 There will be times where she can’t get these issues out of her head, though. She has extremely strong abandonment issues, and clings to company as if in the genuine fear that one day they will see right through her to her rotten core and leave. Her time in foster care has been the root of this fear, and she will go through actions of extreme desperation in order to keep those around her from leaving.

- Character Likes:
+ Bright Colours:  As part of her general rule of distraction, Harper is extremely partial to anything particularly bright or gaudy. She believes that brightness conveys happiness, that you can’t be too sad when everything around you is bright. While this is a flawed logic, it doesn’t stop her from constantly surrounding herself in bright yellows and oranges - claiming that they remind her of a sunrise.
+ Unpredictable People: Harper constantly feels like she knows what’s going to happen, and that she knows what people are going to do. This feeling is quite a discomfort for her, and it’s easy for her to start feeling as if there is absolutely nothing that can surprise her anymore. It’s more than a delight when someone does something she can’t expect, and she makes a point to try and surround herself in as many of these people as possible.
+ Gym: Relaxation is not a word in this kid’s vocabulary, she doesn’t like to sit still for more than five seconds, and will always have to be doing something. The Gym is a good opportunity for her to get out a lot of pent up energy, and she’ll go almost daily for a few hours in order to get this excess energy out of her system, making it easier for her to sleep when she finally burns out.
+ Smiles: Part of her need to distract herself and people from her problems, Harper believes that a strong enough smile can fix anything. She will go out of her way to make people smile or laugh and finds the sight pleasing to the eye - she has no time for sadness in her life.
+ Tea: Part of her addiction to caffeine, partly just because she likes the tastes of many different herbal concoctions. Harper has invested in an electric kettle and many different tea strainers at her friend Rhys’ apartment so that she can always make a cuppa - she has the old British mentality of making a cup of tea when times are hard, and the closest she gets to relaxation is sitting with a nice cup of tea. The smell is always soothing to her.
+ Loud Music: Trap or Drum and Bass, anything that Harper can move or dance to is enough to keep her happy - she is always playing music in either earphones or through a stereo system.
- Character Dislikes:
- Silence: The silence is depressing, if there’s any a time where people are getting depressed and sad it is when the room is silent. Harper doesn’t like listening to other’s woes and problems, and as such despises any opportunity for them to start babbling about their problems.
- Death: In Harper’s opinion, nothing should be inevitable. Every problem should be fixable or avoidable, and death has proved itself to be a problem that one cannot avoid. There will be one day where Harper will no longer be full of life, always moving, and instead will be naught but a rotting corpse. This eventuality terrifies her to no end, and any reminders of the fact that one day she will be nothing but bones is enough to freak her out.
- Relaxing: As a girl who generally always has energy, relaxing is just a waste of perfectly good hours in the day. Unless she is ill, there is rarely a time where she will be taking time to do nothing. It seems completely wasteful when there’s always something to be done.
- Knowing Things: She loves to get caught by surprise. Having that sense of always knowing what’s going to happen has become boring, and she has started to despair at the fact that the element of surprise does not seem to feature prominently in her life.
- Mental Traits: At a young age, Harper was diagnosed with ADHD. It is genuinely quite intrusive of her life, but she doesn’t take the medication that she was given for it (adderall), instead opting to just always be doing something - her attention flicks casually from conversation, to what she wants to get done, and she is useless at multitasking due to this.
 Insight: Harper has (even though she wastes it) extremely strong insight. She can tell a lot about a person from a glance, she will always note different parts about them and is able to read people easily, but this is completely wasted by her willful ignorance of this fact.

Species and Allegiance
- Species: Human.
- Ethnicity: New Zealand European.
- Nationality: New Zealand Citizen.
- Alignment: Neutral Good - She has no affiliations as of yet, but is not inclined to “evil” or “chaotic” actions.
- Allegiance:N/A
- Reasoning: Harper is not particularly inclined towards any group or alignment other than herself and those she has any care for, meaning that she is a neutral party. Her actions and convictions have no representation except towards a mild version of “good”.

- Allies: N/A.
- Enemies: N/A.
- Family: She has foster parents that she sometimes visits, but otherwise she lives on her own and does not know of any other family she may have.
- Friends: Emrys Perennial and her have a friendship, though they are usually quite distant. She is quite an extroverted person, so she has a large circle of people at uni, though they don’t technically count as friends.
- Significant Other: N/A.

Character Age and Gender
- True Age: 18
- Appearance Age: 18
- Character Birthday: 14/05/2001
- Gender: Cisgendered Female.

Character Appearance
- Skin Colour: A tanned, smooth olive tone. It seems to have a sort of yellow or golden undertone to it, as if she has always seen sun.
- Height: 5ft 11inches
- Weight: 70KG
- Hair Description: She always changes her hair, getting bored of the length and colour remarkably easy. Currently, it is a dark but vibrant purple - cut to her chin in a curly layered bob. Though she owns many wigs, extensions, and will dye her hair frequently. Usually her colours will be shades of blue, red, purple, or pink. She favours curled looks for her hair, though not her natural curls, and will instead try to curl it with heat. Her natural hair colour is a mousy brown.
- Eye Description: She has large, heavily-lidded and slightly upturned eyes, with incredibly groomed eyebrows. Their colour would be best described as a hazel or walnut colour, a light brown/green with a dark ring at the edge.
- Facial Details: Harper has a fairly round face, with a somewhat pointed chin. Her eyebrows are small and thin arches above slightly narrow, upturned eyes with heavy lids. While thin, she has a shapely mouth, with a prominent cupid’s bow that protrudes slightly from the rest of her face, meaning a large dip between her bottom lip and her chin. She has a strong Roman nose, with thin nostrils. Her face is covered in freckles across her nose and cheeks and on her forehead most prominently.
- Physical Appearance: She looks intimidating for her age. Harper is tall, and very toned. She goes to the gym every day and it shows; - her legs are long, and her muscles incredibly toned, the muscles in her thighs are very visible (though not yet bulging, she can dream). Her stomach is flat, also very toned, with the outline of a “six-pack” almost evident, and her arms are also quite large, her shoulders broad for her gender. Harper has a prominent collar-bone with average c-cup breasts and an overall pear-shaped figure. Her body is covered with freckles in random places, especially on the backs of her hands - her fingernails are bitten through.
- Attire: No matter the weather, Harper always tends to wear shorts with fishnets and athletic shirts with heavy boots - though she’ll switch out the boots for trainers or running shoes. While at college, she’ll sometimes opt for more business smart clothing - always in bright colours.
 Around her neck she always has a choker depicting the phases of the moon - gifted to her from Rhys. She also always has her sunglasses on her, though seems to use them as more of a glorified headband than as actual sunglasses.

Speech and Habits
- Character Voice: Strong New Zealand accent, locals could pin it down to Kingsland area. Her speech is almost always a drawl, her words aren’t usually enunciated correctly and she seems to speak quite languidly and lazily. There is a sort of husky quality to her speech, though she always tends to speak loudly as well. 
- Speech Traits: Other than the tendency to say “um” a lot mid-sentence, or speak in a condescending tone when she finds something obvious, she does not have any other particular speech traits.
- Languages: English, she doesn’t speak any other languages - though she knows snippets of Latin for her law studies.
- Habits: She bites her nails and knuckles, leaving them a little calloused. She also has a mild fondness for stimulants, though no addictions.
- Mannerisms: Her face will turn red when she is annoyed, betraying her emotions. In fact, her emotions can be easily read on her face most of the time. When trying to bite back hurtful comments (which can come to her mind fairly easily), she will chew on the inside of her cheek.

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts
- Large Equipment: N/A.
- Small Equipment: A small Walkman MP3 player. It still works, though she’s grown out of a lot of the music that is on there and doesn’t carry it about her person often. 
- Weaponry: N/A.
- Ammunition: N/A.
- Pocket Items: Her purse, driver’s license, and a pen at all times.
- Magical Equipment/Artifacts: N/A.
- Other: She owns a car; a blue Toyota aygo hatchback. She is currently living in dorms at her uni.

Magical and Physical Abilities
- Magic Type: Adept.
- Specialization: Sensitive.
- Immersion Metamorphosis: N/A.
- Ability Specific Info: Sensitive magic is extremely varied, and must be natural. It manifests in different ways in different mages. Harper herself receives “premonitions”, the ability to “see” magic, though she is unskilled and cannot always make sense of these. There is little to no combat utility in her particular manifestation of Sensitivity, and as with all Sensitives  it is not always 100% reliable.
- Magical Abilities: Her magic manifests in multiple different ways, though it can be extremely subtle and hard to tell what is her magic and what may be simply paranoia.
-Premonitions: She receives a “feeling” of what is going to happen, though this may be very vague and not always make sense. This comes across as either a general feeling of de ja vu or just knowing what may happen. It may not always manifest in regards to Harper herself and what is going on, which is what makes it so hard to distinguish, as she may well just get the feeling that someone, somewhere, is really going to enjoy a cheese pizza. There is also no strict time-frame for these premonitions, which only adds to their difficulty.
-Sight: Probably the strongest aspect of her magic is her “Sight”. Harper can see magic easily, as well as auras surrounding people. This requires little concentration for her to see. Due to this, she can see through illusions and facades - though this takes the slightest bit of focusing for her to achieve. Her eyes may as well always be attached to a Hag Stone.
-Dreams: Her dreams almost always are some form of vision, though this manifestation of her magic is incredibly situational as it requires that she is asleep. The visions may be metaphorical, or literal, which makes it hard to make sense of her dreams often. Her dreams are always vivid, and she can remember them easily after waking.

There are many different magical rituals and methods such as scrying and tarot that Harper does not have access to, and does not know how to learn either. Her magic is very volatile due to her young age and her not understanding fully how useful Sensitive magic can be.

- Physical Abilities: Harper has achieved an Ikkyu rank in Judo (which for all intents and purposes, is pretty much a brown belt), and has spent the past few years learning kickboxing, reaching a level seven. Both of these are obviously just for fun and to keep fit, but have given her a decent sense of balance and an above average endurance for a girl of her age.
 On top of being physically fit, Harper is obsessive about having a decent diet - so she is at peak physical health for a girl of her age. She has a good range of knowledge in defensive and deflective moves, though does not know much in the way of offensive movements. In a fight, Harper would have to rely on her ability to evade and move faster than her opponent.
- Strengths: - Endurance: Harper has an above average endurance for her age, alongside the sheer determination to get what she wants done, she can take a massive beating before she allows herself to be considered downed.
- Awareness: This is partly a trait of hers, and partly thanks to her magic, Harper has an extreme situational awareness. This is very useful in many situations, and has been a main reason for why she has advanced so quickly in her chosen martial arts.
- Drive: Harper has the drive to get almost anything she needs done, and it’s this sheer determination that will make her formidable - not her size, nor her average strength. This girl does not give up, no matter what.
- Weaknesses: Over-emotional: It is easy to get the upper hand on Harper simply by making her too emotional, as she does not have the most stable of grips on her own emotions and can be driven into doing absolutely ridiculous things simply out of being too emotional.
 - Lack of self-control: Due to her being impulsive, she often does not have the self-discipline to apply her skills properly and slips up too often for either her magic or her physical strengths to be of any use.
- Untrained: She is not trained in magic. Her physical strengths are almost purely situational, meaning that there are not many scenarios in which Harper actually can gain an upper hand on a situation.
- Training: She is untrained in her magic, but has a trainer for both her Judo and Kickboxing lessons which she attends bi-weekly.

Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: To get understanding for her visions and the way her magic has manifested is her first and foremost goal. Harper is aware that her current method of coping with things is not sustainable, and she will have to figure it out somehow. She wishes to go to the New Zealand Sanctuary and find someone to help her out.
- Minor Goals: Buckle down and get her bachelors with no problems, she’d also like to grab an actual house to share with her friends so that she can move out of dorms.
- Motivation: People around her; Harper is very easily motivated by company. Loneliness has a way of getting to her.
- Bio:
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- Additional Notes: Short but sweet, as all things should be.
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You can do no wrong in my eyes.

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After having gone through this with you, and correcting any errors we'd come across, I think I'm well happy on approving!

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