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A Labyrinth Experiment Short Story
« on: July 31, 2019, 04:43:32 PM »
The Labyrinth Experiment: The Fall of Entropy

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Kiiyashi turned and stood when Entropy teleported back to the control room. He looked beaten and burnt. He was holding himself in a way that gave the indication that he was in extreme pain.
'I'm...I'm sorry my lord!' He whimpered. 'He...He is stronger than you anticipa-'
Kiiyashi held up a hand. His emerald eyes honed in on his servant.
'I? I anticipated? You blame me for your mistake?'
Entropy looked even more terrified, if that were possible.
'Oh! No! No, no! Of course not my lord!'
'But it seemed as if you were…' Kiiyashi said coldly.
'No. You're mistaken-'
Faster than a cobra could strike, Kiiyashi grabbed Entropy by the neck and lifted him effortlessly above his own head. He lowered him so they were face-to-face.
'Mistaken?' Kiiyashi said quietly, as if it didn't compute. 'I do not make mistakes. That is your job apparently.'
Entropy looked beyond terrified now, as if the Devil himself had come for him personally. He wasn't far wrong.
'What shall I do with you?' He mused, as if he were deciding which food to eat. 'Why not...the Room of Fear? I'm sure you would have fun in What about the Arena? How long would you survive stripped of your powers? Or the Time Room? You could join dear Jara...'
'…' He whimpered, practically crying.
'THEN NEVER ACCUSE ME OF MAKING MISTAKES!' Kiiyashi roared, with such rage, the shadows themselves seemed to retract slightly. Then, he seemed to calm even quicker than he had boiled over. 'If you ever fail me again...I will throw you down the Pit and seal the entrance. Now…' He dropped him, where Entropy slammed to the floor gracelessly. 'Get out of my sight.'
Entropy lay there, broken, both mentally and physically. He had served Kiiyashi since...he couldn't even remember. Forever, as far as he was concerned. He served him without question, for what though? He wasn't paid. He had no respect from him. He merely followed his 'master' because he felt that it was his place to. Kiiyashi turned away, showing his back to Entropy, as if he wasn't even there.
Kiiyashi paused, and turned his head ever so slightly in Entropy's direction.
'Excuse me?' He asked calmly. Dregran slowly got to his feet, almost falling back to the ground, but managed to stay on his feet.
'I'm done, Kiiyashi. I'm done.' He said, his voice weak and full of emotion. Kiiyashi turned slightly more and looked at his servant. 'You're insane! You are meant to maintain these Forums, protect them, fix them, expand them, but all you are concerned about is your own sick games.' He continued, confidence finding his voice. He held himself a little straighter. 'I'm done with you. I won't live in fear of you any longer. I will take over and do what you should be doing. You hear me? I'm going to take over and I'll do it better than you ever did!'
Silence filled the chamber. A second dragged by where nothing was done or said. Another dragged by, and the monster before Dregran didn't move. A bead of sweat rolled down his face. It travelled down his left cheek, reaching his chin and hung there for a moment. Then it took the plunge and went into free fall, flying through the air and hit the ground. Then the god made his move. Kiiyashi surged forward faster than the Moderator could even register. He found himself buried in the far wall, pain flaring all the way down his spine. He raised his head and was greeted by a fist larger than his head. The world became bright as his head rocked back and hit the wall, knocking it forward. Dregran blinked and teleported a microsecond before the second fist landed. He appeared on the far side of the chamber and stood there, regenerating his face. When he looked up again, he saw Kiiyashi stalking after him. The entity was over three times his size and he had shed his cloak and his eyes burned with a green light.
Dregran didn't give him a second.
He raised a hand and a beam of blue energy burst forth, travelling through the air at breakneck speed, far too fast for even Kiiyashi to evade. Kiiyashi made no sudden movements, nor seemed to be overly concerned by the blast of destructive energy. A moment before it hit the ancient monster, he did something that almost made Dregran throw up his breakfast. His entire body twisted and stretched, defying all laws of physics, bending around the energy bolt, as if he were elastic, stretching like rubber. Dregran dropped his hand in mild horror and Kiiyashi returned to normal in response.
Dregran blinked, snapping out of his daze, lifting both arms, hands splayed and bullets of blue energy bolts fired from his palms. Kiiyashi made a sound, possibly a sound of amusement, slashed his right arm through the air.
Then things got weird.
The air became thick and almost soupy, having a viscous quality to it. Everything seemed to slow down, like when people try to walk or run in water and their movements are slow and heavy. Dregran's breathing slowed and his thought processes slowed to match it. The energy bullets also slowed down, going from faster than an eye blink, to a snail's pace in a moment. Dregran doubted this was good. Kiiyashi himself was unaffected and moved as if everything were normal, which of course everything within that chamber was anything but. Kiiyashi casually walked up to the Moderator, casually stepping around the bolts of light, and grabbed him by the throat. Time returned to normal and the bullets merely hit the already damaged far wall. Dregran struggled against the Administrator’s grip, his fingers like a vice clamped around his throat. He was struggling to breath, struggling to concentrate.
'A pity.' Kiiyashi muttered. 'I truly did expect more.'
He almost sounded disappointed. Sincere even. Almost. Dregran spat in his eye and he was slammed in to the ground for his act of defiance. The monster's grip loosened ever-so-slightly. That was all Dregran needed. With the snippets of air making it's way to his lungs, it gave him enough time to teleport out of his former master's grip. He reappeared in the air, falling, the wind whipping past him, snatching his clothes. Then he hit the ground. He lay there, face down in the crater he had made, his clothes torn and his hair tousled. His body screamed mutiny and it took all his effort to roll over onto his back. He screwed his eyes shut and worked on healing his body. Waves of warmth flooded his body and for a brief moment he was in mild ecstasy. Then the bones began to mend and he called out in pain, cold replacing the warmth and spikes of pain replacing the bliss he had felt just a second before. He may have been a physical god, for all intents and purposes, but he was not, it seemed, invulnerable. Or invincible. He was more powerful than any Forumer. He held knowledge of things no one else could even comprehend. And yet even he was just a pawn to Kiiyashi, the Administrator. A being so far above him as he was to everything else. He couldn't help but laugh. He knew how this would end. He couldn't win. But he sure as hell wasn't going to simply lay down and whimper. He halted the regeneration. His bones were fixed and his muscles would work, but his entire body ached and he needed more time. Much more time. Time he didn't have. Kiiyashi would be here soo-
Dregran jumped to the side as quickly as he could, a moment before the bolt of green lightning roared through the air and made the crater even bigger. Dregran stood, breathing heavily, then he widened his eyes when another lightning bolt ripped through the sky and he rolled to dodge it. More bolts came, scarring the land. It was only now Entropy realised where he was. He was in the desert, far beyond the city, near the Edge. He had teleported himself possibly hundreds of miles away, without thinking. It was night, too. But he couldn't stop to be pleased with his abilities, as not only the sky was content to target him, but so was the ground. Miniature fissures carved their way along the ground, and that same damn green light poured out of them. Space tore itself apart as Kiiyashi stepped out of the portal and looked at his former subordinate. He was over 30 feet tall, his dragon like legs rippled with muscle, and he had grown an extra pair of arms. Well, sort of. At the elbow of both arms, a second set of forearms and hands had grown, and each fully dependent of each other. He had grown long spikes on his shoulders and backs, curving upwards and in. Kiiyashi's horns were larger, thick as tree trunks and his teeth were as sharp as serrated knives. The eyeballs in his skull-like face blazed with that ethereal green light, like headlights and he had grown a long tail that reminded Dregran of a Xenomorph tail. The ground shattered around Kiiyashi and arcs of green electricity scattered around him, ruining the rocky, flat landscape further. Dregran had never seen the god so angry. And this was the moment he saw Kiiyashi for what he was. He was beyond such concepts such as good and evil. Morality was a human belief. And Kiiyashi was certainly not human, in any sense of the word. The Moderator backed away, and it took all his nerve not to start screaming and lose all sense of dignity.
'Come and have a go…'He muttered.
Dregran flew forward, soaring through the air and hit the demonic being with all his might. The hit connected and released a tiny shockwave that rippled through the air. Kiiyashi stumbled back a step and retaliated with a telekinetic blast. Dregran was flung far away, but managed to stop himself from hitting the ground for the second time in one minute. Kiiyashi opened his mouth and spewed a flamethrower of green fire, scorching the ground and turning the heat up to a thousand. Entropy shielded himself with an invisible forcefield, but that didn't stop the flames from trying. It enveloped his shield, licking the ground around him, trying to find it's way in. Eventually they gave up, and Dregran lowered the shield.
'That...all you got…?' He said, his voice weak and he was panting. He also felt a pain rise up in his side. He lowered his hand to his right side, and was shocked to feel a liquid flow onto his fingers. He raised his hand to his face quickly and saw his own blood dribbling down the palm of his hand. He was bleeding. Since when was he bleeding? He slowly floated to the ground and managed to keep his balance. Kiiyashi stood there, the monster studying the man. The god judging the mortal. He made a sound, perhaps a small chuckle.
'Oh, I have a thousand ways to kill you. Nine hundred and forty one of them, hurt.' He said slowly.
Dregran could tell he was enjoying this. It had been a while since pray had fought back, even if it was futile.
'Yeah, but you know what? Screw your Labyrinth. Screw your experiments. But most of all…' He locked eyes with Kiiyashi. 'Screw you!' He roared.
His eyes lit up, glowing his signature blue, combating Kiiyashi's green. Twin streams of heat and light erupted from them, blue in colouration, sizzling through the air, aiming for Kiiyashi's head. At his brain. His weak spot. Kiiyashi's eyes glowed more fiercely, and he unleashed heat beams of his own. The blasts collided in mid air and clashed, lighting up the dark sky. Entropy gritted his teath and stood his ground, pouring all his strength into his beams. The beams struggled in mid-air, like something out of an anime. The air began heating up once more, and the beams got brighter, bigger, fiercer. Neither side gained an advantage. Neither flinched. Neither made a sound. Neither did anything, except keep up their beams. Locked in this clash.  Then Kiiyashi opened his mouth and fired a beam from his mouth. The sudden burst of energy added to the eye-streams and began overpowering Dregran's own. The blast pushed back the blue beams, and with one last push, the world exploded. Dregran was flung back like a bug in the wind. The world lit up, the ground cracked and shattered, the ground turned ash black and Dregran remembered being weightless, before his old friend the ground came to greet him. He lay there, broken, burnt and unmoving. He fluttered his eyes open. He had no energy left. He had used it all up. He had burnt through his reserves. Burnt. Just like him. His clothes were rags and flaming and his skin was raw and red and flaming. His hair was light and his bones had crumbled. He turned his head to Kiiyashi, who leisurely walked up to him, and halted when he was about three meters away.
'…' Dregran choked, his voice brittle and small. 'You...gonna…'
Kiiyashi shrunk and contorted, back into his more regular form.
'No. I'm going to consume you. I will set you free, release you from the primordial code from whence you came.' Dregran didn't understand, but they may have been due to the fact his brain was dying.
Then the universe broke.
Around Kiiyashi, cracks sprung from nowhere. Glowing cracks in mid air, as if reality was a mirror that had been punched. They made no sound as they expanded outwards, green slight spewing from them, thousands of tiny cracks and slashes and rips. Then reality shattered and they floated in a void. A cold, black void of nothing. Except code. Green 0's and 1's flew around, each digit the size of a man, up, down, horizontal. The numbers glowed and were almost incorporeal. The very fabric of reality. Kiiyashi floated there, quite casually, while Dregran's body suddenly burned and he screamed, but no sound came from his mouth. There was no air here. No matter of any kind. No forces or energy or matter. Only the code. His body dissolved into blue sparkles and he was no more.
Kiiyashi faded into the control room and sat down. That had been quite the brawl. Dregran had actually done some damage with that punch, and Kiiyashi actually required effort to overcome the beam struggle. Impressive. He gave this scenario a pass. Just. What he was about to do next was no easy task. Reality had one direction after all. Time did not like to be tampered with. It was stubborn and refused to listen to others. But, every so often, one could gain a favour from it, if you knew how. Kiiyashi froze and concentrated, willing for space and time to bend to his will. Everything froze. Everything. Then it reversed, everything rewound around Kiiyashi, reversing and unravelling. Erasing this timeline in favour of a new one. Then he stopped. He viewed the frozen past-Kiiyashi and the past-Entropy. Kiiyashi had his back turned, and Entropy was on the floor. Present-Kiiyashi stepped forward, little more than a spectre and stepped into his younger body, merging with it. Time began to play once more.
'Get out of my sight.' He said, his annoyance as fresh as it was five minutes before. This time he enforced his words. Made them stick to Entropy. Entropy stumbled away and he turned to the monitors. What he was about to do would shake the test subjects to their very core.
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